Two New Features For Instagram Stories

As we all notice, Instagram has been taking the features of Snapchat for a while. As Instagram is getting popular it is adding new features day by day. As the number of users is increasing users have more followers. If you want to increase the number of followers you can buy Instagram followers. So, the new Instagram features are about Memories.

As we remember Instagram has taken Stories from Snapchat and now it has decided to take Memories. The new feature allows you to save Stories on the app. It will be seen as “Stories Archive” on the app. Apart from Stories Archive, there will be Featured Stories and they were announced by Instagram. The aim of the new feature is to let users share their saved stories on their profiles.

Your stories will be saved automatically in archive with Stories Archive. So, you will be able to reach stories after 24 hours from archive and you can share them on your profile with Featured Stories option. Moreover, stories that will be shown upside of your photos can also be shared as different collections. Trademarks and companies may use this for different purposes as it is possible to transform selfies, photos with friends and travel photos into different collections. So, trademarks and companies may show their different products and advertisements under different titles at the same time.

According to an explanation made by Instagram “As more people like stories, we realised that profiles present you and your life less. However, profile is one of the most important places that is visited on Instagram and it is an important place that people express themselves and feel theirselves close to the other people. But there was no way to save your favourite stories and share them on your profile. We wanted to make it possible.”

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We can say Stories Archive and Featured are one of the most important updates on profiles since 2013. It took much time of users to create their stories as they spent efforts. It was sad for some of the users that they were deleted after 24 hours. Besides, those who don’t want to lose their stories downloaded them regularly. Because of that they had to spend much space of their smart phone’s memory. There is no need to do any of them as users can save stories online. According to us Stories Archive may take attention of adults more than teenagers.

Featured Stories may prevent users from unfollowing you. Because it will be used in different categories and for different audiences.

How to Save Stories in Story Archive?

Story Archives will be open to use for all users in a short time. You will get noticed when it is activated. You can see both photos and stories in Archive. You can see stories that have date stickers in date order. You can’t download whole archive at once but you can select those you what to download one by one. You can share them on your profile or via direct message if you want.

Two New Features For Instagram Stories
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