How to Turn Personal Instagram Account Into Business Account

How to Turn Personal Instagram Account Into Business Account

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There are many people who use Instagram as well as there are those who use it for business. As Instagram has been so popular in recent years, people started to move their business there and they get much revenues. It is easy to do business on Instagram when you get a business account.

How Can I Turn My Personal Instagram Account Into Business Account?

One of the most common questions people ask is that how to turn their personal Instagram account into business account. It is essential to have a business account on Instagram to sell items. When you have a business account it is simple to sell items, you seem more trustable to your potential customers and your trademark is one of those trademarks that sell items on Instagram legally. Otherwise, there may be problems with personal accounts. In this article we will explain how to turn your personal account into business account step by step.

Although it is not available to open business accounts in some countries yet, it is available in many countries.

Open Your Business Account Step By Step

First, you need to log in to your personal account. Click three dots that is in the top-right of the screen and go to settings. Tap Account and you will see an option “Switch to Business Account”.

Give Some Information About Your Business

Tap Next to continue to make your business account active. You need to write some details including phone number, website address and e-mail about your trademark.
After you fill all fields, you can check statistics including your visitors, range of their age and more.
There is a new feature on Instagram. You can connect your Facebook pages with Instagram account with this new feature. If you don’t have a Facebook page you can open a new page on Facebook.
It is very important that your account is set to public. Once you follow the steps, your personal account will be turned into business account.

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