Turn Off Twitter SMS Notifications

Twitter is a well-known social media platform by millions of people around the world. There are millions of people including actors, actresses, songwriters, sportsmen, politicians, businessmen who have accounts on Twitters. They have thousands of followers on their profiles. When they tweet something, thousands of people see it instantly and they get feedbacks from their followers. Of course not everyone has thousands of followers on Twitter. The new users have no followers at all. But they have followers as the time passes. However, it is not that easy to have huge amounts of followers on Twitter if you don’t prefer third party social media services. Such services provide Twitter followers to your profiles when you buy Twitter followers from them.

How Can I Turn Off Twitter SMS Notifications?

There are many popular features of Twitter. Although users are so interested in followers, they search other topics as well. One of them is about SMS notifications.

What Are Twitter SMS Notifications?

There are different of notifications options including e-mail or sms. When you prefer to be notified by sms, sms will be sent to your phone by Twitter when a user tweets something or someone sends direct message to you. It is good to get those notifications instantly, but it may be boring if you get too notifications and also you are busy. In this case, you may want to turn off Twitter sms notifications.

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Turn Off Twitter SMS Notifications Step By Step

Open Twitter app, log into your account and go to your profile. Tap settings and privacy option. Then, you need to tap mobile. You will see all the options about sms notifications. If there is something that you don’t want to get via sms, you can uncheck the box near it. For example, if you don’t want to get sms notifications when someone sends direct message you can uncheck the box.

Turn Off Twitter SMS Notifications
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