Turn Off Twitter E-Mail Notifications

Social media has gained much popularity in recent years. People use many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is the first choice of those who want to share their opinions about anything and also who want to follow read users’ ideas, announcements, news, updates and more. Moreover, users can share the things they like on Twitter. One of the most important features of Twitter is its interactivity between the users. They can like, retweet other users’ tweets or make comments. Once a post is retweeted, it can be viewed by more users and if they retweet it, it will reach more users. The more a tweet is retweeted, the more it gets popular instantly. That is because many users want their tweets retweeted in order to make them read by a lot of users. So, they buy Twitter retweets to their posts to make them popular on Twitter.

How Can I Turn Off E-Mail Notifications On Twitter?

Apart from retweets, there are many popular features of Twitter. One of them is e-mail notification. The user is notified via e-mail when someone he follows share a new tweet. Although it is a new feature, it may be boring to see many e-mail notifications in the mailbox. So, users may want to turn it off. We will explain how to turn off e-mail notifications on Twitter step by step:

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Turn Off E-Mail Notifications On Twitter Step By Step

First, open Twitter app on your device and go to “settings and privacy”. Then, you will see e-mail notifications in the list. When you tap it, you will see a list of e-mail notifications. Uncheck all of them and tap “save” button.

Turn On E-Mail Notifications Any Time You Want

Once you save the changes you will not get any e-mail notification from Twitter any more. Of you want to turn on e-mail notifications, you can go to the settings and check all boxes.

Turn Off Twitter E-Mail Notifications
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