How to Turn Off Live Video Notifications On Instagram

Although there has been many great features like stories live videos on Instagram, sometime they may be annoying for users. For example, live video notifications can be annoying for those who don’t want to see them whenever someone starts a live video.

How to Turn Off Notifications For Live Videos

Some people use Instagram just to see some photos, videos and follow other people. But they may not be interested in their live videos. Of course they may be interested in some of them. But that would take much time if they view every live video. Besides, they may not be according to their interests.

Turn Off Only Live Video Notifications

The good thing is that you can turn off those notifications and you don’t need to disable all notifications. So, you will still get them when someone follows you, likes your photo, comments on your post, tags you etc. Only those live video notifications will be gone.

Go to iOS Settings

There is a built-in setting in Instagram app for disabling live video notifications. Go to the iOS settings, you will find this option. You can also do it in Instagram app:
– Tap the Me tab which is on the right and tap the small settings which is at the top right.
– When you scroll down, you will see “Push Notifications Settings” option.
– Tap it and you will see two options under “Live Videos”
– Make it off and it is done.

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Customize Notifications According To Your Choice

You can customize notifications in iOS settings if you still get too many notifications from Instagram.
– Go to iOS settings.
– Scroll down until you find Notifications.
– Tap it and you find Instagram in the list of apps.
You will find more options about Instagram notifications. If there is something you don’t want to get, you can disable it.

How to Turn Off Live Video Notifications On Instagram
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