Things That Should Be Known About Instagram

Add Followers On Instagram

As it is so popular and powerful social media platform, many people use Instagram for different purposes. So, there are many issues that should be known about Instagram. One of the most important things is that adding followers on Instagram. You need followers on Instagram to use it more effectively. Interaction between the users is the main purpose of Instagram. The more followers you have, the more you make success. So you need to add followers on Instagram. While doing that, you should consider limits. You can’t add hundreds of followers on Instagram in a day. When you consider limits and increase the number of followers slowly, you will have much benefits.

Instagram Has Millions Of Users

As we said above, Instagram has many users. The number is about millions. We can’t give a definite number as it is getting much day by day. But, we can say that the current number is over 400 million. That is one of the things that should be known about Instagram. It is estimated that there are 75 million users who log in to their account, share posts, like posts of other users and follow them regularly. In other words, there are about 75 million active users of Instagram.

Over 30 billion photos have been shared

Another thing that should be known about Instagram is that over 30 billion photos or videos have been shared up to now. Besides, over 70 million posts are uploaded everyday.

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Most Liked Photos Of Instagram

Interesting thing that should be known about Instagram is that most liked photo on Instagram got over 7 million likes in a day after it was posted. It was a photo of Beyonce and the second photo was belonged to Selena Gomez. She shared a photo with Coca Cola theme.

Things That Should Be Known About Instagram
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