The Ultimate Guide on Facebook Dimensions

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This guide will help with Facebook post image size and the requirements. When it comes to Facebook there are more regulations compared to other social media platforms. There are different Facebook image sizes and post sizes you want to be using for different parts of Facebook.

Why worry about Facebook Post image size?

Making creative images for Facebook is not as easy as it seems. You must work hard to make images that tell the story about your brand, products and services. (Facebook Support)

Before uploading your image make sure that you have created an image that follows Facebook’s varying recommended upload sizes. It’s difficult to keep track of because Facebook has different requirements for each of its images, including profile pictures, shared links, thumbnails and sponsored posts, for example.

facebook post image size

What Size Image for Facebook in General?

Below is a compiled list of the proper pixels that should be used in order for a proper display. There are 3 different categories in Facebook post image size. Facebook Pages, Page posts and ads, as well as Page ads.

Facebook Pages:

Cover Photo — 720 x 312 pixels

Profile Photo — 320 x 320 pixels

App Images — 111 x 74 pixels

News Feed Images — Width of 504 pixels; recommended size of 1,200 x 628 pixels

News Feed Link Post “Featured” Image — 484 x 252 pixels; recommended size of 1,200 x 628 pixels

facebook post image size

Page Posts & Ads:

Page Post Link/Offer in Desktop News Feed — 1,200 x 628 pixels, displays as 470 x 246 pixels

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Page Post Link/Offer in Desktop Sidebar Ad — 254 x 133 pixels

Page Post Link/Offer on Mobile News Feed — 560 x 292 pixels

News Feed Image Posts — 1,200 pixels wide, displays as 470 x 470 pixels

News Feed Image Posts (Mobile) — Up to 626 x 840 pixels

Page Like Ads:

Desktop — 1,200 x 444 pixels

Sidebar — 254 x 94 pixels

Mobile — 560 x 208 pixels

Reminder: any image you have for a Facebook ad can’t be more than 20% text. Facebook strictly enforces this & may immediately deny or stop an ad once after it’s been reviewed.

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The Ultimate Guide on Facebook Dimensions
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