Stories Gif Option Available on Instagram Stories

Stories Gif a New Way of Sharing

Stories Gif is not a new feature but users do not use regularly this is because of most users does not know about this feature and today we are going to cover this feature.

After stories available on Instagram almost every user try it and they really love it, Instagram realize that and wants to develope Stories everyday.

Actually Stories shows a good development from the first day of its using.

Users can now add tons of storiy at any time and add it to their profile if they want.

Typical story features and new Instagram updates make stories one of the most popular features of Instagram.

This Gif updates depends on agreement between Facebook and Giphy and now it has better options on Instagram.

Stories Gif

Gifs are a new way to get engagements and followers so it is important for almost every kind of account.

If you want get more engagements it is not enough to post great content but also we should post stories regularly.

So what makes a story good posts?

Most users just send photos or videos to stories as they are this is not bad decision, but why do not use all of the stories’ features?

Here some good way to use stories

  1.  Add your site link or friends Instagram link.
  2.  Add a message that appropriate with content.
  3. Try to answer if your followers send you a messages on stories.
  4. If you are goning to post more than 1 story make them connected by a message.
  5. Call your followers to action.
  6. Use survey so your followers will provide you engagements.
  7. Let users repost your story.
  8. Use trends post or news in your stories.
  9. Notice your followers with stories.
  10. Your story shoul not be flu and too noisy
  11. Add music or use the real sound of area if you post a video.
  12. Post regularly but not too much.
  13. Watch your followers story so they will keep watching yours.
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Using pets in story another good way to get engagements and it will provides you new followers.

There are more tricks but those one we mention above will give you a great result for your stories.

Stories Gif

How to use Gifs in Stories

After add photo or video all you need to do is swap to right and find gifs menu and than use proper gifs to add your stories and make it funnier or more attractive.

Instagram let users use search button in stories page thus users can find the right gif quickly.

Instagram will let users add full screen photo or video this is a great news because we will be able to use gifs more efficient.

All of our article will let you get more followers and engagements that will boost your account and you should do all of them.

Once you get a high number of followers you will increase your followers number easier so it is important to use all Instagram features properly.

Buy Instagram followers is one of the most important activity to get followers and engagement we offer you to use it.

You can watch the video below about Instagram Stories Gif

Stories Gif Option Available on Instagram Stories
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