Shoppable Posts and FAQ Will Change the Rule of Business on Instagram

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable Posts and FAQ will open a new era on the market which will change both Instagram and other e-commerce platforms.

Instagram has turned into an important e-commerce platform with Shoppable Posts, which are already available in 9 countries.

It is surely beyond doubt that in a platform where monthly more than half a billion active users and more than a million advertiser meet, it was just a matter of time for the users to purchase products directly via application.

In 2017 merely some named group of retailers were able to use shoppable posts but now it has been expanded and all business accounts can take the advantage of this feature from now on.

On the other side If you are running a small business easiest option would be using some features which build a shoppable Instagram feed to send your followers right to your products, without changing the link in your bio in order to drive traffic from your Instagram account to back to your website, blog etc.

Shoppable Posts


Frequently Asked Question Stories for Satisfied Users

We confront with a section named FAQ abbreviation in almost every single website If you have never seen that section before expansion of FAQ is  “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Well and good but how come can you use Frequently Asked Questions on your Instagram effectively in order to be strictly followed by your followers to turn them into a regular customer of your account.

While the number of Instagram users increase steadily, it is necessary to give proper information regarding to your product and addressing customer’ all questions in advance which are possibly looked for.

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Both Business accounts and influencers are answering questions publicly through Instagram Stories that are asked by Direct Messages.

During the day answering the same questions over and over again for different users might take considerable amount of time in this sense posting FAQ on your stories would be a time saving method and prevent to upcoming possible questions which are likely to occupy your inbox.

On the other hand being responsive through stories and answering questions properly please your followers and provide a steady growth because using stories as a FAQ tool s an effective way to keep up with your followers.

To allocate an extra time to connect with your audience will let your followers know you’re accessible and encourage them to slide into your DMs.

If you want to get more customers you will need more followers at this point buy instagram followers will be your best assistant.

You can get more information from the video below.

Shoppable Posts and FAQ Will Change the Rule of Business on Instagram
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