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Scheduling Tool For Instagram And How To Use It ?

Scheduling tool are necessary for these days cause Instagram have not schedule extension or  like twitter or facebook.

Instagram scheduling tools are viral now. Instagram one of the biggest social media app in the market. It gets 800 million use for a month and almost 100 million use for a day. This is why social media agencies wants to use Instagram for their clients. They are making money with helping their Instagram customers also customers usually happy for this kind of service.

Twitter and Facebook has a feature. With this feature you can schedule your posts without any extension. But if you will share your photos and videos on Instagram you need to use an extension cause Instagram has not scheduling feature yet.

Schedule Any Time You Want It

Scheduling is very critic feature because some custumors asks for late night post sharing and you can not say no from your money source. In this situation you should set your phone alarm with a note or you will find scheduling tools for the sake of your clients.

Scheduling tools are so easy to use. For example Buffer is one of them and people using it for schedule facebook, twitter and Linkedln posts. Now we going to show you useage of Buffer for Instagram. First you need sign up Buffer then you should allow Buffer to connect your Instagram account.

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Lets Schedule A Post

When you allow Scheduling tool Buffer to access your Instagram account, Buffer linked you to App Store or Play Store. Then you can download Buffer for instagram. Log in to your Buffer account and follow the instructions.

With Buffer app  you can create photo or video posts. Add your photos and videos with tags and texts. Chose post date and time on the calendar then click to “schedule” button. You all set for your post.

If you must control more then one Instagram account this prtactical scheduling tool will hepl you.


Scheduling Tool For Instagram – Social Media Advices
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