How to Share Your Archived Instagram Stories

There is a new feature on Instagram which allows you to save your Instagram stories. The feature is available on both ios and Android. We will explain how to use this feature and if you are interested in archive, you should read our article.

How to View and Share Archived Instagram Stories

As it is commonly known, Stories stay online for 24 hours and then they are deleted. But they will still be available for you to view on your profile after they have been deleted.

How to Find Archived Stories

You can find those stories on your Instagram profile. First, press the Archive icon on your profile. That is a clock shaped button which is in the top-right of the screen. Once you press, you will see archived stories and also archived photos. If you want to view any story that is archived on your profile, tap it. It will start to play. There you have options to add parts of the current story you view to your story which is online or share a highlight as a post.

You Need to Wait 24 Hours

When you make changes, it seems as though nothing has been made. But you can view your latest story after 24 hours.

All Stories Will be Archived Automatically

Stories has a new feature that all your stories will be automatically archived. Of course, you have an option not to archive them automatically. You can disable this feature in settings menu. Tap the three dots which is in the top right of the screen. Then, tap Story Settings. You will see “Save To Archive” button on. Toggle it to the off position. The new Instagram archive feature has been liked by many users. You can tell us your opinions about Instagram Archives.

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How to Share Your Archived Instagram Stories
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