How to Send a Direct Message To A User On Instagram

Interacting with users is as important as sharing pictures and videos on Instagram. Users get interacted with each other via comments made under their photos or videos. Besides, users can communicate via direct message as well. There are some ways of doing that. In this article we will talk about direct message on Instagram.

How Can I Send A Message To A User?

Although it is so easy to send message to someone on Instagram, new users may get stuck with this issue. The most simple way is to use Instagram Direct. It is an app released by Instagram recently. You can download the app on ios or android. The interface of the app looks like Facebook Messenger. So, if you used Facebook Messenger before, you may get used to Instagram quickly. When you log in you will see a list of your Instagram contacts. Just pick who you want to send message, write your message and send it. It is that easy.

How Can I Send Message On Instagram From My computer?

It is not easy to send message from your computer because users who use web browsers aren’t allowed to send direct messages. But there are ways.

Use Third Party Apps

You can use BlueStacks. It is a tool that lets you run Android apps on your pc. If your operating system is windows 10, you can download Instagram app from Windows Store and run it. It will work just like the proper Instagram app and you will be able to use all features that are included in mobile app. Another software that you can consider to use is i-directmessage. You can download and install it from its website. It also includes some nice features that aren’t available on desktop version of Instagram.

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How to Send a Direct Message To A User On Instagram
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