Selena Gomez Unfollowed 279 Followers

Selena Gomez Unfollowed 279 Followers On Instagram

Why Selena Gomez Unfollowed 279 followers this is the question. Instagram has many famous star users and they always get too much attantion. Instagram queen Selena Gomez last day unfollowed some  users for no reason and changed her bio informations and profile picture.

Gigi and Demi Gone

Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, her asistant Theresa Mingus and many others got unfollow on instagram. She did not explain why she did do that, no one knows. Then she changed own profile picture with she’s mother’s youngest picture. Selena Gomez unfollewed them for now maybe in time she will follew them again.

She Still Following Besties

According to Vough magazine, she was following 316 people before the unfollow oparetion. Now she just following 36 people on instagram. But she still follows Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Jessica Alba, she’s fashion helper Kate Young and one of the she’s best friends Francia Raisa. Raisa gave her own kidney couple of years ago.

She Locked Up Before

Last mount she locked intagram account and everyone start gossiping around. But few days later she unlocked the accound and get back instagram again. This mystrerious behaviours always gets attantion on internet world and papers also.

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She Made A Commnent

She sent a comment on Demi Lovato’s intagram post and said we are okay. It means Selena Gomez and her asistants just taking care of her social media, maybe it was just a upgrade. But still we do not sure why Selena Gomez unfollowed 279 people on instagram.



Selena Gomez Unfollowed 279 Followers
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