How To See Who Viewed Videos On Instagram

As it is commonly known Instagram doesn’t have an option showing who viewed profiles. However, when Instagram stories came out, we started to see who viewed our stories. A common question is that if we can see who viewed our videos, just as we see those who viewed stories.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Videos?

Unfortunately, there is no option to see who viewed our videos posted on Instagram. These statistics are hidden from public for security reasons. Only we can see is that how many times it has been viewed. Besides, we can see how many users liked it and their names. So, if you want to see who viewed your videos, you can upload them as stories and you will see the viewers. Apart from that, you should check likes that your video got. That means people who liked your video also watched it.

Use Online Tools To See The Usernames Of The Viewers

Although Instagram doesn’t let us see who viewed our videos, there are some online tools to help us. An online tool called InsTrackVideo reveals the usernames who viewed your videos. It is free to use. No license or payment is required. It is also good that it doesn’t ask your username and password.

Try Apps That Help You See Who Viewed Your Videos

There are also apps which you can use to see your viewers. SocialPlus is a great app and it gives definite results. This app also shows useful statistics for your account such as blockers (those who blocked you), unfollowers, stalkers (users who viewed your profile) etc. The app calculates your popularity and gives you a score. You can see it as well.

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You can also consider to use other apps such as Instagram Video Counter, Instagram Video Viewer Counter. However, we should say that use them at your own risk.

How To See Who Viewed Videos On Instagram
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