How to See Instagram Message Requests From Other Users

It is a great pleasure to get notifications for us. So, we want you to know that there is a secret Instagram inbox that might including messages from your future friends or lovers. It is likely to seem “other” inbox of Facebook. There is a special filter on Instagram for messages that come from other users we don’t know. First, you need to accept the user’s request to read his message. In this article we will explain how to find those messages coming from unknown users and how to read them.

How Can I See Instagram Messages Coming From Other Users?

It seems that Instagram has created a buffer for us so that we don’t see such messages spam and other things. It is hard to distinguish them from messages of real users. However, it is good to see a new message anyway. So if you are interested in those messages you can see them easily.

How to Open Instagram Messages

First, hit your message box which is in the top-right of the screen even if you don’t see any notification. Then, take a look at your message list. You will see a light blue tinted bar including “message requests”. When you see it, tap it and take a look into your filtered messages. Here you can accept the messages coming from real users and decline the auto-messages according to your choice. If you don’t see an option to tap “message requests”, that means you don’t have any messages.

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Check Your Message Box Regularly

Having no message doesn’t mean you will never have a message. As you aren’t notified, it is good to check your message box regularly that if you have any new message. So, good luck for you if you are interested in these messages and we hope you find something you like.

How to See Instagram Message Requests From Other Users
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