How to Secure Instagram Account

How to Secure Instagram Account

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We use technology for many purposes. Computers, social media apps that we use on our mobile devices are all parts of our lives. We share our moments and talk with out friends on social media. As we use it so much, securing our social media accounts has been an important issue. Because, there may be serious problems when they are hacked. There are many people who have bad purposes. They try to hack social media accounts and use them according to their purposes. In this article, we will explain how to secure your Instagram account. You can read our tips.

How Can I Secure My Instagram Account?

You can follow these steps to secure your Instagram account so that it can’t be hacked.

Don’t add your phone number to your profile

Many users don’t take attention on this issue. Adding your phone number to your profile isn’t good for the account’s security. There will be more options for the hacker if it is hacked. So, you shouldn’t add your phone number even if you make it private.

Change Your Instagram Password Regularly

Instagram password security is the main important issue regarding the security. You should change your password regularly and choose hard combinations so that it can be hard to be hacked. Besides, you shouldn’t log in to Instagram from devices such as computers, phones you don’t know.

Check the Allowed Apps

When you check out a website or use an app, you may have given Instagram permissions. Log in to Instagram from your computer, check the allowed apps in the settings. If there are some allowed apps, delete them. If your profile is following other users automatically without your knowledge, there are some ways to prevent it.

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You should also check if there are related accounts as many accounts can be integrated with Instagram. So, you should remove those integrated accounts.

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