How to Save Posts On Instagram

Instagram is getting bigger with its new improvements and updates. Users like Instagram more, when there are new features. In this article, we will talk about one of those fascinating features. As it is known well, you needed to like a post that you are interested in order to find it. If you didn’t like, you needed to search it and it was hard to find it and that took your time. But, with the new feature, you can save posts so that it is easy to find posts that you are interested.

How Can I Save Posts On Instagram?

It is very simple to save any post on Instagram. Besides, nobody will know you saved it. So, this new feature is nice for those who take their privacy important. Now, we will explain how you can save a post step by step:

First, tap icon that is under-right of the post. Once you tap this icon, the post will be saved automatically on your profile. The owner of the post won’t know that.

View Your Saved Posts

When you want to view your saved posts, first go to your profile. There are four options under Edit Profile button. Tap the icon which is in the right. You will see the saved posts which are listed in chronological order.

How Can I Save Live Broadcasts on Instagram?

You can save live broadcasts on Instagram as well. As it is known, live broadcast is also a new feature and it has been so popular around the users. But, the broadcast was deleted when it was finished and it wasn’t available to be saved. Now it is available. If you are watching a live broadcast and you want to view it again, you need to tap Save Video button which is shown up when the live video ends. Once you tap the button, the video will be saved automatically.

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How to Save Posts On Instagram
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