How to Report Video On Instagram

As we explained how to report someone’s comment on Instagram in our previous article, now we will explain how to report a video that is inappropriate on Instagram. As it has been so popular in recent years, Instagram is the most preferred social media platform around the users. One of the best things about Instagram is that it is trustable. If you are an Instagram user, no one else can share the videos or photos that belong to you. For example, you can report any video that includes abuse about you when it is shared.

How Can I Report A Video On Instagram?

When you report a video that contains inappropriate content about you, that will be checked and required actions will be taken. It is very easy to report a video on Instagram as you need to follow a few steps:
Open a new blank page on web browser, clear the address field and write this addres: “” and press Enter.
There will be a page including “Report a video for abuse or violation. All information related to the issue is given on the page.

Fill A Form To Report A Video

There is an explanation saying that you need to fill a form to report a video containing abuse or violation. They want you to give them more details as much as possible to help them review the issue.
Fill the form that is under the explanation.
There is a question: “Can you reach video url?”. You can press yes button.
You will see an explanation that you are wanted to enter the url of the video that you want to report.
Copy the url of the video and paste it in the field.

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Make Your Explanation

Explanation of why the video contains abuse or violation. You can write your explanation why the video contains abuse or violation.
After you answer the question which country you report from, you can press Send button. The video will be reported.

How to Report Video On Instagram
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