How to Report A Stolen Photo Or Video On Instagram

As Instagram is very popular, thousands of people use it and share their personal photos and videos regularly. The bad thing is that some people download others’ pictures or videos and they share them on their profile. Of course, it is violation of personal privacy. If you see your photos in other profiles you can report them to Instagram. In this article, we will explain how you can report your stolen photos or videos to Instagram.

How Can I Report Stolen Photos Or Videos To Instagram?

One of the good advantages of Instagram is trust. As they got strict measurements, they take much importance on personal privacy. When they get reports about these issues, they will take the necessary actions as soon as possible. It is very easy to report stolen photos and videos with a few steps.

Fill A Form To Report A Stolen Photo Or Video

It is very easy to report a photo as you need to fill a form in a few minutes.
First, open a blank page on web browser, clear the address on the field, write “” and press enter.
You will see a page including “Report a photo or video that is violating personal privacy”

Do You Have An Instagram Account?

The first question is that “do you have an Instagram account?”. Press yes button.
The next question: “Did you ask that person to delete your photo?” You can answer that you didn’t contact him.
“Can you give us the url of the content that you report? “ If you don’t know the url of the content you can press No.

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Who is Seen In The Photo or Video?

“Who is seen in the photo or video that you report?” You can answer “me” according to your report.
“Do you live in the USA?” If you live in the USA you can answer yes, otherwise, simply press no.
“Which country do you report from?” You can choose your country.
When you complete necessary fields and press Send, your report will be sent.

How to Report A Stolen Photo Or Video On Instagram
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