How to Report Harassment or Bullying On Instagram

Instagram has been the most preferred social media platform by users. With its new features and improvements, Instagram is having new users everyday. However, sometimes there may be unwanted situations such as harassment and bullying between the users. Although they are unwanted situations, it is possible to prevent them as Instagram let users report these kinds of actions.

How Can I Report Harassment And Bullying On Instagram?

Comments or posts including harassment or bullying and users who make these can be blocked by Instagram when they are reported. So, all you need to do is to report someone who is taking such actions. But, many users don’t know how to report someone. We will explain it step by step

Report Harassment Or Bullying Step By Step

Open a new blank page on web browser, clear the address, write “″ and press Enter.
A new page will open including a title “Report Harassment or Bullying On Instagram”.
You will see an explanation including that you need to fill a form below to report all photos, videos, comments and profiles including harassment and bullying. Give them information as much as you can to help them review the issue.
“Do you have an Instagram account?” Answer the question, yes.
“Are you prevented to see the content that you want to report?” You can answer yes.
“Where does that happen?” You can choose “a photo” option.
“Can you reach content that you want to report?”. You can answer yes and continue.
Enter your e-mail address to let Instagram contact you. That address should be the one you use.

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Give Details About Abuse Or Bullying

Enter the url of the photo that you want to report or you can copy and paste the url on the field.
In the next field, you are wanted to make an explanation including why the related content includes abuse or bullying. After you complete these fields, you can press Send and your report will be sent to Instagram.

How to Report Harassment or Bullying On Instagram
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