How To Report Copyright Violation On Instagram

As new improvements are being made, Instagram is being more useful. Users can use social media platform more effectively with the new improvements. One of them is about reporting copyright violation. This has been a serious problem as some users can share copyright protected content. If you see a copyright protected content, you can report it and the necessary action will be taken in short.

How Can I Report A Copyright Protected Content On Instagram?

Copyright is a serious issue that is known by most people. Of course, it is bad for those users to see their content in other places as their revenues may decrease. But, Instagram take these kinds of situations seriously so that it shows us they are trustable. Now, we will explain how to report copyright violation on Instagram step by step:

Report A Copyright Violation Step By Step

Open a new blank page on web browser, clear the address field and write “″, then, press Enter.
A new page will appear including a title “Report Copyright Violation”
You need to fill the form below. First, check the option: “Continue to report Copyright Violation”
Choose the option “I found a copyright protected content that belongs to me”. Once you choose this, a new option will appear below;
“Please, click here to continue to report copyright violation”.

Write Your Information

Then, you need to fill in those fields your information.
Write your name, surname, your company (according to your choice), address, phone number, e-mail (that should be an address you use, because Instagram will contact you via e-mail.), verify your e-mail address.
You will see a question below asking the field of the copyright owner. You can choose the option that suits you.
Then, answer the questions including the name of the copyright owner, the content you want to report and the type of the content you want to report. Once you complete these fields you can press Send and your report will be sent.

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