How to Report A Comment As Abuse On Instagram

Sometimes there may be disturbing comments made under Instagram posts. Some people may behave aggressively or arrogant. Besides, there may be spam comments. So, if you feel disturbed by a comment whether it is abuse or spam, you can report it.

How to Report A Comment As Spam Or Abuse On Instagram

It is easy to report a comment. There is a report button on comments area. Click the report button and send the related comment. You should be certain before you report someone on Instagram as this action isn’t reversible. Although Instagram won’t do anything to the account you reported by mistake, you should know that you can’t un-report an account.

What Will Happen When I Report Someone’s Comment On Instagram?

As we explained, users have the right to report someone’s comment or post if they think it is not appropriate. When you report someone’s comment, a notification will be sent to Instagram community centre. They will take the necessary steps according to the number of reports about the related comment. If there are too many reports about the related comment, they will take necessary action immediately. But if there is just one or a few reports about a comment, probably they will not check it. When they check it, they will remove if there is an inappropriate comment.

If I Report Someone’s Comment On Instagram, Will He Know It Was Me?

That is also a common question. As people sometimes report other users’ comments due to some reasons, they also wonder that if the user will know who reported him. The answer is simply no. The name of the user who reports is kept in secret .Instagram has strict policies about this issue. So, they will never expose the name of the user who reported someone’s comment, post or content.

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How to Report A Comment As Abuse On Instagram
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