Remix your Photos On Instagram

Instagram the most popular web social media platform around the world has included a new feature called “Remix”. It is available in the 24th version. Those who have many followers may like this feature very much. But if you don’t have much followers you don’t need to worry as you can buy Instagram followers. So, what are the benefits of Remix?

Instagram is including new features day by day. While new improvements are included Instagram is getting more popular around users. For example, stories has taken great popularity since it was first announced. Now it is a new feature called Remix.

What is Remix?

Instagram provides users to make some changes on their original photos. You can edit a photo that your friend sent you via direct message. When your friend sends a photo to you, you can reply via tapping camera icon below. Then, you take your photo to reply. The photo that was sent to you is added into your photo. So, you can rotate, change the size of the original photo or make sketches on it. If you want, you can also add stickers or texts.

At first, Remix reminds us a movie called “Inception”. Those who watched the movie will remind the scenes that people see dreams in their dreams. It is like in the movie. We can add pictures into pictures.

Replay Option

Apart from Remix, there is also a new option that can be used with Remix. The stories you sent can be viewed in loop with replay button. There will be two options including “One View” and “Allow Replay”.

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With its improvements, Remix seems to be very interesting for those who likes to use their creativity. They can create interesting collages and effects. As it is new, we don’t know yet if it will be popular around users. But it is a fact that Remix includes interesting features that users have fun and enjoy while using.

Instagram has announced that the new features will be included in the 24th version on both ios and Android. So, users need to update their apps to use these new features.

Instagram has been taking features of Snapchat in recent times. But nowadays it is including original features. Maybe there is nothing left to copy, maybe it is the right time, we don’t know. But it is certain that Snapchat has lost its popularity. We hope Snapchat take good features of Instagram and takes its popularity. Of course Instagram is good but that would be better if snapchat improves like its competitor.

Recently Instagram has announced other interesting features like adding photos and videos to the stories, following hashtags and posting stories via mobile browser of the smartphone. Besides, platform has provided users to invite users to their live videos. Although these new features are related to stories, remix is related to direct messages. It seems improvements will be continued and we will see what kind of new features will be included in the future.

You can make comments and tell us your thoughts about new Instagram features including Remix and replay. If you have used, you can share your experience and even send your photos you created.

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Remix your Photos On Instagram
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