How To Post On Instagram From Desktop Computer

There are many features on Instagram and new features are being included. Users are so glad to use those fascinating features. However, there are limitations for those who connect Instagram via desktop browsers. For example, they have difficulties while sending messages and posting their photos and videos. In this article, we will explain how to post photos from desktop computers.

How Can I Upload My Photos To Instagram From My Computer?

Although there are difficulties it is not impossible. Google chrome’s add-on helps us with this issue.

Use Google Chrome To Post On Instagram From Desktop Computer

First, you should install Google Chrome if you don’t have. If you are using Mac, you can use Safari as well. Open Google chrome and then incognito window. You need to click three dots that is in the top-right of the window. Then you will see New incognito window. You can either use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+shift+n on windows, command+shift+n on mac) to open the window. Click on three dots again and follow more tools—>developer tools. When you click developer tools, a new window will show up. Click the mobile icon which is in the upper-left corner. Your browser will switch to mobile view.

Find Pictures On Your Computer and Share Them

Go to Instagram website. Log in to Instagram and you will see + icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it. A new window will appear. Select a photo that you want to upload. In the next step, you can select a filter for your photo. If you don’t want to apply any filter you can skip this step. Then, write a description about your photo. Once you complete you are ready to share. Click share button to upload it to Instagram and it is done.

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How To Post On Instagram From Desktop Computer
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