Muted Twitter Direct Messages Aren’t Shown Up

Social media is being widely used around the world. There are so popular social media platforms and apps. Twitter is one of them. People like to use Twitter to share their tweets as well as to follow users they like. Many news channels have also twitter accounts so that people can get instant news from the tweets of those news channels. Many trademarks have accounts on Instagram. Users can follow their favourite trademarks on Twitter so that they get latest updates, news, events, products and more about their favourite brands. Of course, users also want to be followed and want their tweets to be read by other users. They try different ways to have followers. For example, some of them buy Twitter followers to have more followers in a short time.

How Can I see Twitter Direct Messages That I Muted?

There are also many popular topics that are searched about Twitter by people. One of them is about direct messages. As it is known, users can send direct messages to each other. If a user don’t want to get notification when he gets direct message he can mute it. However, he can’t see the message when he mute it. In this article, we will explain how to see a message that was muted.

See Direct Messages That You Muted

First, open Twitter, log into your account and then tap profile icon that is at the top-right of the screen. Find “settings and privacy”. You will see “muted accounts” on the list. Here it is your decision to mute the related accounts or not.

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Don’t Mute Accounts That You Want to Get Notifications

If you want to get notification when you receive a direct message from a user, you shouldn’t mute him. So if it is on the list, you need to delete his name from the mute accounts list.

Muted Twitter Direct Messages Aren’t Shown Up
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