Is Your Instagram Account Auto Following Others?

Is Your Instagram Account Auto Following Others?

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Is Your Instagram Account Auto Following Others?

In recent times, Instagram users realised that their accounts are auto following profiles that they don’t know. The reason of this issue is related to the topic we stated above. There are many services who offer to send followers to the profiles. In other words, they make some users auto follow accounts that they want.

The Solution Of Auto Following

Of course it is an unwanted situation and users are looking for ways to stop auto following profiles that they don’t know. If you are having the same problem, you can solve this problem by following these steps:

How To Stop Auto Following Other Profiles Step by Step

First, you don’t need to panic if you realised that your account auto follows other profiles. You should uninstall apps that you don’t know or don’t trust. If your account still follows some profiles, you need to block permissions of those apps. But, you can’t use your phone to do this task. You need to do it on your computer. Open your web browser and go to Instagram website. Log in to your account. Click “manage apps” and you will see the list of apps. Block the apps that you want. Your problem will be solved.

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