Instagram’s New Notification Button Will Fed You Up

Facebook planing to put a button in the Instagram that shows number of Facebook notification and a shortcut to Facebook.

Facebook everyday lose users and tries to stop this bleeding but their updates make bleedings faster.

Months ago facebook put number of groups and page notification at the top of mobile app and now tries to put all Facebook notification number and shortcut to Facebook button.

This is unacceptable and nonsense lots of users do not want to see these notification and Facebook just to be get visited put those button in the app.

May be they will realize that we have the power of delete Facebook and stop this.

Instagram has have a good incresing especially after stealing stories from Snapchat but Facebook looks like does not want to Instagram keep increase.

Most of Instagram users  do not use Facebook and even some of them do not have any facebook account.

Facebook stops these all users to buy Instagram followers or some kind of 3rd party application.

Facebook also start to advertising in the middle of Facebook videos and after some Instagram stories this is not awkward but too much.

Users do not want to watch any story just because of stories advertisement.

Because of the great increasing of Instagram most influencer start to advertise via Instagram famous and this causing a terrible news feed.

Instagram do not any updates about this kind of advertisement and it is turns to a nightmare.

While Instagram stops users to buy real Instagram followers and make them watch all advertisement they want it is not fair and sensible.

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As you all know after facebook Instagram starts to give up chronological news feed and use algorithm to put posts at the top of users Facebook walls.



Instagram’s New Notification Button Will Fed You Up
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