Instagram Video Call now Available

Instagram Video Call now Available

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Instagram Video Call now available users after Facebook and Whatsapp will be able to video call other users on Instagram.

Facebook wants to dominate communication world and make a great step on this aim.

Users used to be able to send eachother photos and videos but from now on user can call eachother on instagram.

After IGTV by video sall Instagram increase its popularity and tries to make users do not need any other application.

Instagram Video Call for Conference

But Instagram offer more video call could be arrenged between more than 2 users and turns to conference call.

Conference call is not available on Whatsapp and this make Instagram 1 more step ahead.

You can minimize the video call window and surf in Instagram.

Google work on totally new communication system that users do not need any sim card but still have connection, this feature will make Instagram more important than ever.

Next updates Instagram will let users download the calling or make calling livestream this will totally change all social media.

You can just make a voice call if you do not want to showing yourself.

You have to update Instagram to the latest version to be able to calling.

As always you can manage calling setting who could call you for instance: everyone, following or no one.

Instagram also let you use filter while video calling and it turns the calling in very fun way.

New updates available both on iOS and Android systems.

By new feature Instagram will ask you to add people from your phone numbers and increase the communication quality.

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If you want to call users who you do not want to you can just add them as friend or buy Instagram followers and then call them.

What do you think about new feature please share your thoughts with us in comments section and you can ask whatever you want about video calling.

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