Instagram Type Feature Released

New Instagram Type Feature Released

Instagram type feature released just days ago and with this new feature users will make more writing in their stories. Type will provide users to more fonts and enjoyable writing skills.

Social media app Instagram released a new feature in this year twice. First one was last seen feature. Last seen feature usable only for direct message as you know. Facebook and Whatsapp got it before the Instagram.

We wrote an article about last seen feature weeks ago, if you want more information about it, you can find and read it from our latest blog posts.


Typewriting On Instagram

Now we goint to introduce a newest Instagram feature “Type“.Instagram Type also we can call it typewriting feature allows users to writing with more character and font in Instagram stories. Stories had allowed few sectences and just one font for users from today. But now users can write more and they can use more fonts in stories.

New fonts are neon, typewrite, bold and some other. These fonts will make Instagram stories much more fun and users will be happy to spend time in stories with Instagram Type.

How To Use Instagram Type ?


For using Instagram type, you need to take a photo or video with Instagram stories. Then for writing on the photo or video you need to tap on it. After the tap on it you can choose your type for writing captions and sentences. It is so easy to use. Just take a photo and tap on the photo.

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Instagram’s new features will come next mounts. Next one probable will be screenshot notification tool. We also wrote about screenshot notification feature and that will come with huge update package in soon.

Instagram celebrities has so much followers than other users. And they will make money with this new content features. If you want to be an Instagram celebrity you can Buy Instagram Followers.


Instagram Type Feature Released
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