Instagram Tour in 2018 with Awasome Updates

Instagram Tour is not a tour that you going to a journey but it is a tour about Instagram updates and othet development in Instagram.

Instagram one of the biggest social media application and it has been loved soo much.

After hav,ng stories Instagram increase its users number and daily active users.

in time Instagram reached more than 1 billion users.

After this kind of growing up there must be some updates and new policies.

Instagram updated so much in 2018 but we will talk about the most important updates.

Instagram Tour in the first half of 2018

1- More Button more Options

Finally Instagram adds mute button so you do not have to ban or unfollow people or posts that you do not want to see. Just click on the mute menu and they will never seen in yout feed, that is really amazing button.

If you want to get back this process just visit the muted profiles and click on the unmute. Instagram claim taht they updates this mute option for users personalisation but on the other hand with new algorithm we may not see some posts that we already follow.

2- That is enough go back homepage

Instagram now lets users informed when they scroll too much and passed to 1 day before. This is not a big en very important updates but it is good to be in our life.

3- Sharing Posts to the Stories

This is one of the most important updates because it makes stories usefull and easy to use. Most users leave to post normally and start to storizing.  Instagram still works on stories to make them perfect and kill Snapchat.

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4- Video Chat Available

Instagram let users video chat with their followers in may. This is not video calling but chat which is you send a video and wait for the answer. It may be not impressive updates but interestingly it used a lot.

5- Instagram Algorithm

Instagram’s one of the biggest change was its algorithm after this updates post never sort as chronological but according to account’s rank.

Users able to incerease their rank but they have to work a lot. You should posts regularly, at the right time with the right hashtags and even these process are not enough.

Even with some of challenging updates make us sad we love Instagram it is definitely make easier our lifes.

Instagram Tour in 2018 with Awasome Updates
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