Instagram Stories Hacks and Hidden Tricks

Instagram Stories are one of the most popular social medya element ans it has been useing by 300 million users everyday. Today we are going to talk about hidden hacks of stories.

Instagram Stories Basic Tricks

1-Hands Free

At the beginin of 2018 Instagram add this option so wen can record Instagram stories with out useing hands.

After openin stories page swipe the scrren until you see hands-free options and use it.

2-Hide Stories

If you want to hide your stories from specific userd you can do it manually. You just need to go to settings and then find account line find story settings and select users that you wnat ot hide your stories.

3-How to Hide Other User’s Stories

Basicly you can tap and hold your finger on the stories and you will see options and then click on the hide this user’s story.

If that users did not share any story and you want to hide the stories again now you will need to go to the profile page click on the options and mute the story button.

4-Downloading Stories

If you share a story and want to download it is also easy to do it all you needn to do is going to your story page and there will be download icon at the top right corner.

This is basic tricks but according to our survey the most of users does not know we are always going to share you this kind of information.

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Instagram Stories Hacks and Hidden Tricks
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