Instagram Stalk is Now Harder Than Ever With Notifications

Instagram Stalk Will be Ended

Instagram Stalk is a favourite activity for all users and it is the first thing after users meet with someone but this activity will be harder than before.

Most users tka screen shot and send it to their friends but with new Instagram you will allowed to take screen shot just for once.

After first screen shot Instagram will notify you and for other screen shots the owner of content will be notified that you take a screen shot.

Instagram Stalk

This updates will not satisfied stalkers but Instagram care about privacy of content owner and owners will love it because of their privacy right.

As we mention above you will just have one time to take screen shot secretly and the other ones will notify content owner that you take screen shot.

This screen shot notification will only notify users when you take stories screen shot. You can freely take screen shot of posts.

We want to inform you about stories now as you all know stories join our life with Snapchat and Instagram star using it by copying.

Stories are 24 hours posts that you can share and see who watch that post people use it for daily entertain.

Even it is a copy feature users love Instagram stories and Snapchat lose their users day by day.

Instagram stories now watching by 300 millions users everyday.

If you want to get watched there are lots of idaes to be Instagram famous it is hard and long process to get followers but it definitely worth.

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Using Instagram algorithm correctly and post great content will provide you lots of followers but if you want more chack buy Instagram followers and get tons of real active followers with engagements. These followers are real and will increase your Instagram rank thus you can easily seen in the explore page.

Instagram Stalk is Now Harder Than Ever With Notifications
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