Instagram Post Schedule For Business Account

Instagram Announced Post Schedule Update

World biggest social media app Facebook announced post schedule tool for Instagram. Social media professionals needed schedule tool for their customers Instagram accounts. Now they can make a good line with Instagram posts.

Instagram most useful social media app for sharing photos and videos. It also make people comminucate each other with direct message. People loves Instagram, last year that social media app made 700 million user that is absolutely successful business.

Social media is part of the entertainment business. Movie stars, famous sportmen, singers, models, businessmen, politicians uses Instagram and other social media apps. This create more jobs and jobs is managing their social media account.


Instagram Post Schedule Update

Professionals controls celebrities social media accounts like Instagram, twitter and facebook.  But if you work like a professional you should have a cotent plan. Content plans makes job easier for professionals. You can select your post content date and you can add caption on it. If your social media app have not post schedule feature, then your in trouble.

Instagram had not post schedule tool for 7 years and yesterday they announced new scheduling feature. New feature works on Instagram Partner or Facebook Marketing Partner. Unfortunately these two partnership system is not free. If you want to plan a post in Instagram you should buy a subscription from Facebook.

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Other Rumours


We shared some information about Instagram screenshot natifications and writing feature for story feature. For screenshot feature, Instagram still making test on users but other writing feature “Type” almost ready for our intelligence.

As you know screenshot feature can make notifications when you take them screenshots. That feature frighten some Instagram users because stalkers can not stop themselves.

This post schedule feature just for the Instagram business acoounts but there is a good news for personal Instagram users. In 2019 or soon this post schedule feature will come for personal Instagram users.


Instagram Post Schedule For Business Account
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