Instagram New Feature: Posts You Might Like

Lets Take a Look Of Post You Might Like

Users have seen a new tab on their Instagram app. It is written “Posts You Might Like”. It has been on test for a while but now it is open for public. Some users have many followers and they might see more recommended posts with that feature. But some of them haven’t much followers and they buy real Instagram followers to boost the number of their followers.

Many people have been talking about the new feature for a while. Considering other improvements and their positive effect on interaction around users this seems to make a difference about the related issue. You can find help about the new feature on Instagram help centre.

What is “Posts You Might Like” ?

Some posts that you might like will be shown to you under another tab so that you may see between 3 and 5 posts here everyday. However, it is not the first improvement of Instagram related to posts. You have already seen posts under Discover tab. But you may not notice those as they aren’t on main page. Of course it is also possible to see which posts your friends like.

Maybe this feature is one of the most important improvements that has been made by Instagram. We have seen a similar change on the algorithm of main page before. That was made in 2016 and since then we have seen posts on main page according to our likes and followed ones, not in a chronologic order. So, more specific posts are shown to each user according to his interests.

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Another improvement was published at the beginning of this month. It was about following hashtags and we wrote about it in our previous posts. Considering all these improvements, it can be said that Instagram wants to provide more content and personalised experience. However, users are allowed to disable following hashtags option according to their choice. But it is written on Instagram Help Centre that “Posts you might like” tab can only be disabled temporarily. Some users have already begun to dislike the new design. They complain that it is useless and it is better to view the posts in chronologic order. According to some thoughts algorithms that are made are going worse day by day. Some people think that recommended posts are boring. There may also be a mess of content and this makes some trademarks and influencers worried.

According to an Instagram spokesman “Posts you might like” will be different from contents of the main page. So, it is not related to the content that may like that is shown on main page. On contrary, Posts you might like will appear after you view those posts. It is not clear when will the new improvement be provided to all Instagram users. The new feature is available on both ios and Android.
We see that thoughts of users and company are different about this issue. Most of the new improvements have been liked by users up to now. We will see if this will be liked as previous ones or not.

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Instagram New Feature: Posts You Might Like
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