Instagram: New Favourite of Companies

As the number of followers is increasing day by day, Instagram has been favourite of many companies around the world. Now it is possible to see many business profiles on social media and the number of those is increasing regularly. Like other personal users they try to increase the number of their followers and some of them even buy Instagram followers. You may have noticed business profiles. They share the photos of their products or services. They write their contact information on their profile. Users view photos and videos. And if they are interested in a service or a product they contact the owner of the profile and give their order. In this way, users are potential customers of the owners of the business profiles. While they reach more people they can increase their revenues. Perhaps you have bought or sold something on Instagram or your friends do that. Business on Instagram has been common so much.

There are increasing number of users who start to use Instagram everyday. Just the number of users who use Stories has been reached 300 millions. 500 millions users open Instagram app everyday. It has been announced that the number of monthly active users is 800 millions. It seems that it also new favourite of companies considering the increasing number of business profiles.

It has been claimed that the number of business accounts was 15 millions in last July now it is about 25 millions. So, 10 million new business accounts have been created in just 5 months. Those statistics are so important and valuable for advertisers. The statistics that Instagram has claimed are so worth considering. It has been said that 80% of users follow a business account and 200 million users view a business profile everyday.

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The New Favourite Of Companies

Of course all these statistics are so valuable and worth considering. Instagram is aware of that and it gives some tips for companies especially for the owner of small business accounts to improve their business. Those tips vary from product photography to reading of statistics. Instagram is working hard for the success of business profiles.

One of the best ways of advertising that companies like is giving ads to Stories. It is a good way as it is added in queue while you view stories one by one. You may have noticed those ads while you view stories. However, according to us it is still a problem that link can’t be added in the description of photo. It is hard come back to profile to tap link after we see a product. Some business profiles may direct users by tags on photos. It is a lack that this feature isn’t available for all users.

Despite all negative sides and lacks, it is certain that Instagram is getting so popular for not only personal usage but also for business. According to our thoughts the popularity will continue to increase while the number of Instagram users increase.

Instagram: New Favourite of Companies
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