Instagram Model Kicked Out From Plane – VIDEO CONTENT

Why Instagram Fitness Model Kicked Out From Plane ? – VIDEO CONTENT

Jen Selter is a fitness model at Instagram. She showing fitness moves ın her Instagram page and modeling at the sametime.

Yesterday Jen Selter kikcked out from her New York flight. American Airlines’s plane attendant kikced her out but when they trying to kick her out she was on the record. Instagram celeb young sportswomen said after the event “It was humiliating”.

When the flight scandal happening, a man who works for the airlines touched from her face and said “You have to sit”. It because they called airport security for take her off from the plane. The plane owned by American Airlines.


Video Tells Everything

Kicking off the plane happens in United States of America all the time. Flight attendants always in very high stress, because of terrorist activities. When they see a unstable person on the plane, they wants  to kick it out. But the passenger may afraid of flying or it has been sick for few days. Airlines workers need to calm down and start to caring from their customers.

She also made a press announcement and said “The plane was not taking off.  told him to relax. But he had something against me”. She is referring the attendant. Then the attendant asked her “Do you wanted to get kicked off the plane?” and she said “yeah” for a press announcement. But that “yeah” means no because she said it sarcastically.

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Cops Came For Her And Two Others

According to her Instagram video police officers came for take her out. The police officer says in video ” American Airlines calls the shots. They do not want you to fly on thier plane today.” Then Jen Selter’s sister started crying.

Police took two passengers out. Jen Selter and she’s sister booked a flight for Sunday morning for going to New York.

Jen Selter’s American Airlines Video Footage From Youtube


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Instagram Model Kicked Out From Plane – VIDEO CONTENT
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