Instagram Last Seen Update And How To Shut Off ?

Instagram Last Seen Update Just Released

Instagram released new update. With new update users can see thier followers’s last seen. Instagram last seen update talking by social media users in a while ago. Yesterday Instagram released new update and people start to discuss about it.

How to works new Instagram last seen update ? Instagram always keep update himself and these kind of updates always confused users mind. Instagram users wants more followers and likes. There is other way to getting followers and likes for exp. buy isntagram followers.

Instagram last seen update will effect all social media users. When whatsapp got this update, whatsapp users did not like it. But at the same time software developers released a second feature with first. You can shut it down if you does not want to use it.


Instagram Direct Messages “DM”

Instagram users can only use this new update at direct message. Direct message allows users to communicate each other and DM just shows to other side get your message or not. So this new update will show “Are you online or not”. This big difference can cause some fights between good friends.

Also you can shut it down if you do not want to use it. Last seen has same preferences with whatsapp and facebook. You can always shut it off. The second image discribe it how to shut down last seen update. Open Instagram app and log-in. Then get to the settings and shut it off “Show activity status“.

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More Feature Coming Soon

The technology gossips surround us from all around. After the Instagram last seen update, some unknown sources saying “the screenshot notification” feature also will release very soon. If they release that feature, Instagram will have stolen screenshot notifications from snapchat. And it can be start a very difficult law process.

Instagram Last Seen Update And How To Shut Off ?
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