Instagram Explore Page Category Design

Instagram Explore Page Category Design

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Instagram always updating and these all updates will improve usability, one of the gratest update is Category in explore page.

Social media has growth insanely  and Instagram wants to became stars of this world.

Instagram has passed 1 billion active users per month and worth more than 100 billion Dolar.

Explore page one of the most important page in Instagram and users wants to be in this page.

Unfortunately we do not exactly how it works and how users become in this page.

While explore page is soo mysterious Instagram wants to improve this page and update almost every month.

Instagram Explore Page Category Redesign

Instagram used to show stories at the top of explorer page by accounts get most engagements but from now we will see stories sorting by category.

In this categories we will see accounts get most engagements thus users will be able to see whatever they wants.

At this point users need to post content as Instagram wants so they will get more engagements.

So what is the key to get more engagements?

You need to post regularly and consistantly, thus your followers will not be bored and will not miss your posts also.

Another good way to get more engagements is using hashtags. Hashtag is a key for succes in Instagram, with the right hashtags your posts will be seen by million of users en your account will be boosted.

You shoul also tags other people and your friends to get more engagements so your posts will get engagements from tagged people’s followers.

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Timing is so important try to post your content at the best time and day.

If you find a good content try to share it in the other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Your bio page must be optimize as Instagram offer you all options.

Do not let other people tag you without your permission so you will get rid of bad contents.

You can also buy Instagram followers to get more engagements to boost your account and we have a video for you about explore page that will inform you more detailed.

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