Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error (Solved)

We can get updates of other users’ instantly on Instagram. As soon as someone uploads a photo or video we can see it on our page but sometimes we get an error saying “Couldn’t Refresh Feed”. Although we try again the same error may occur and it gets annoying. Here we listed some reasons and solutions related to this problem and if you are having the same problem you should take a look at them.

How To Fix “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error On Instagram

The problem may not be as hard as you think as it might be related to your connection. If your connection is lost this error will show up. So, check your connection first. Then, make your connection if it is lost. It may also be low. So, it is good to make it stronger.

Install The Latest Version Of The App

If your app’s current version is out of date you should update it. If it is the latest version, you should delete and install it again. Then, check your app that if the problem has been solved.

Delete Posts Or Comments That Don’t Seem Appropriate

Some photos, comments or posts may be the reason of your problem. If there are inappropriate posts on your profile you should delete them. If a photo couldn’t be uploaded successfully that may be because of the problem. So, you should upload the photo again and that may fix the problem. You should also check comments under your posts. Log in to Instagram via web browser. Check comments if there is double hashtag symbol (e.g. ##). Besides, comments with √ symbol may not be loaded.

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You can try all these steps to fix Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error. If that didn’t help you, you can click “Report a Problem” button on Instagram.

Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error (Solved)
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