What If Instagram Chasing You In Everywhere ?

Instagram Chasing People With Three Ways

Most popular photos and video sharing app Instagram chasing its customers but not on purpose. Social media app has three different feature to understant to who use its system. It wants to know your time, your location, your friends and maybe it can know your voice.

People use social media for entertainment and socializing.When you want to be more social and do some social activity Instagram and other social media apps can trace you in everywhere because you allowed them to do. Instagram chasing you, because you wanted.


If you are not a social media user you can be relax but if you using every social media app in market, some malicious people can chase your trace because of selling them to other data banks. Data banks request every human bein’s special information for marketing activities.

They can sell your personel informations to everykind of company. With these informations companies can build a perfect selling plan and they can catch you online, in shopping mall or on the way. But some of people wants to know how they are going to do that ? What equipment they use for this task ? We can not know every social media apps technique but we know how to Instagram chasing its customers.

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There are three ways to Instagram can do it.


Timing means, what time you wake, what time you sleep, your launch time, how much time spend on your love’s Instagram profile or your platonic love. Do you use app when you drive…

We can give more examples for timing but we hundred percent sure about if you using app everyday more than one hour, they can get statistics about you from your behaviours.

Location Tags

The second most important information about you is where do you live, where do you work, what do you do on weekends and holidays. What do you do on sunny days or opposite…

These questions are very critic for marketing process. Even Instagram needs to know your personality for entertain you in app. If you can spend more time in app, they can make more profits from ads. This is a business builded on people’s behaviours.

Locations are significant, the new technique of direct selling is location bases promotion messages. It is works when you near by to shopping mall or in the mall. They can detect your location from your social media app or cell phone location feature. But these are so harmless marketing process for personel life.

Reaching To Your Friends


People needs friends on real life also they needs friends at online fields. In normal real life no one can make or get a list of your friends. But in online life you share your friend list to everyone. That is a little confusing but we do this for name of socializing.

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When we share our friends list, online predators like statistic firms and other social media companies can collect them for free. They can get your informations for free, this is a most discussable issue on internet world. Whatever when they chase your online trace they can know who is your best friend, who do you like, when do you met someone and exactra.

These are really harmless activities but the threat is they can watch our online behaviours and they can divert us to what we do not want to do.

Everyone wants to know who is my stalker, but no one thinks the big boss stalker is social media’s its self.

What If Instagram Chasing You In Everywhere ?
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