Instagram Business a New Way of Marketing

Instagram Business is an easy and effectvie way of online marketing, today we are going to talk about first series of Instagram Business.

Instagram Business Account

The first thing you should do is setting up your account for your business, it is an easy step here we will cover it from the begining.

1- Download Instagram App from smartphone stores.

2- Tap on the Instagram icon and sign up or log in with facebook account.

3- In the app find the settings and scroll down the page until you find  Switch to Business Account

4- If you have business account you can add some important information to your profile like business hours, address and a phone number.

After you fill all blanks and add important information next step is tricks.

  • You should use the same user name on all of social media thus your discoverability will increase.
  • Just share your website and a short information.
  • USe your bio to explain what your business about what and what other users can expect from your company.
  • Profile photo should be your brand’s logo and also your all social media would be better if use same profil photo. Instagram and some social media sites crop the profile photo as a circle so you should be carefull about that.
  • And you communication with your followers should official but with the  sincere.
  • You should be able to answer all messages and comments or inform followers and other users about that.
  • As all social media Instagram based on followers if you do not have followers most probably you will not any profit.
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The easiest and best way to have followers whether for your personal or business account is buy Instagram followers and expand your followers map.

This kind of followers will open the gate of thousands of followers mine you should not miss them.


Instagram Business a New Way of Marketing
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