Has Instagram Blocked You From Following?

There are many problems that users encounter on Instagram and one of them is related to being blocked from following. We have listed some reasons that may be because of this problem.

Why do Instagram Block Users From Following?

There are several reasons of that. As Instagram has been so popular, some people have started to abuse it. Because of that, Instagram has taken some precautions.

You may be using some apps or bots to Auto Follow Other People

Instagram is very strict against auto follow actions. Auto follow has been very common as it can be made via bots, websites and apps. But Instagram won’t allow such attempts. There is a limit on follow number. You are allowed to follow up to 250 people in one day. If you exceed the number you may be temporarily blocked.

Your account can be banned permanently

You shouldn’t underestimate this action. Because, if you continue to make such attempts your account may be flagged or banned permanently soon.

Check Your Authorised Applications

If you think you didn’t use any of those apps or websites that are used to auto follow people, you should check your authorised applications.
Visit instagram.com on pc.
Click on your profile and then click on “edit profile”.
You will see authorised applications. If you see such apps, click on them and click on “Revoke Access” button.

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There are limits on likes and comments as well.

Keep in mind that there are also limits on likes and comments because of the same reasons.

People May Report You

Let’s say you have sent a follow request to someone you don’t know. If he or she reports you, your account might be banned. So, it is better to consider your actions before you act.

Has Instagram Blocked You From Following?
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