Instagram Algorithm and its New Feature

Instagram Algorithm Logic

Instagram Algorithm has changed in jun and users confused about their post sortin in news and explore pages. We will try to explain what is new and what you do about new sort logic.

Before this update Instagram sort posts as chronological but in order to have better and more content they start to use an algorithm just like Facebook’s.

If you do not post regularly and your post does not get enough engagements some of your friend might never see your post in their news feed.

The new algorithm looks like a problem but if you know the rules and post as Instagram wants your account will get much engagements than before.

Instagram Algorithm

There are some good way to co-work with this algorithm we listed

1-Post Content Frequently

You should post your content frequently and have a plan that appropriate with your country best time for posting, in this point posting interval and timing are important follow your target groups activity and post at the most beneficial time for you.

2-Live Video Streming

live video streaming is best way to call for action your followers and another good point about video streaming is your followers get notified so you can easily reach them.

3-Advice and Information’s Importance

Your post should have a message and sometimes you can inform your followers thus they will be loyal to you and your engagement rate will increase, advice has same effect on your followers.

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4-Follow Trends and Use Them

Trends have great effect to get new followers and also if you got enough engaments you will be in the explore page that provide you thousands of followers.

5-Plan Your Profile Page

You profile page should be active recently and there must be a good visuality because Instagram Algorithm affect even your profile page, and also your bio should have all information that a user wants to know. Profile page shows the posts that you are tagged in so this will also give you a good engagement rate.

6-Work with Professional Photographers

If you could afford you would better work with profesional so tour visual contents will be much better than others and get more engagements.

In conclusion you could easily get high rank in Instagram if you use it wisely do not miss trends and have a good plan the new world based on online life you do not want to stay back.

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you can watch the video abaout algorithm below

Instagram Algorithm and its New Feature
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