Instagram Extension From Google Chrome

Chrome Extension For Instagram

What is the new Chorme extension ? Chrome and Instagram working together. Popular social media app Instagram released story addition months ago. Now Instagram story addition will reachable from Instagram web.

What makes new Chrome extension ? Social media apps growing day by day and Instagram is one of the most useable of them. Updates and other tiny sofware tricks coming up everyday but still no one can share any post on Instagram web. But there is new sofware addition, with this addition Instagram users can reach their stories and friends stories from Instagram web page.

App For Windows

A while ago Instagram released an app for Microsoft Windows users. Thanks to this app windows users can use Instagram from their computers. This was amazing improment for Instagram. Now Chrome developed a story addition for Instagram web page so every computer users can reach their stories by chrome.

This cooperation between Chrome and Instagram makes computer users happy cause when you working at office sometimes you can not use your cell phone so with this addition you can check your Instagram stories with Instagram web version.

How To Install Chrome Extensions

Firstiful you need to select Google Chorme extension settings then you should find “Chrome IG Story” addition. Download the Chrome IG Story addition and open the Instagram web page. Next step make your self login and start the chrome addition. Now you can see your Instagram stories on the web page.

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At the sametime, you can also use Instagram microsoft windows app but if you using different operation software system like mac or linux you should to login with Instagram web page. Instagram users and other social media app users always needs this kind of improments. We are hoping, next time mac and linux based operation software systems gets that kind of new updates.


Instagram Extension From Google Chrome
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