Insta Novels let you Read Book from New York Public Library

Insta Novels could be one of the most entertaining and helpful updates that Instagram has released, it basically let you book from stories.

As you will guess it is not for read the whole book on the Instagram but reading a part of it.

In order to make the books attractive Instagram redesigned the books to be able to share on the stories.

Moreover every books have their own images which is already great enough to share on the stories.

Insta Novels 2

In the sample above you can see the Metamorphosis from Franz Kafka it has its own images and gif.

You can read the whole book as story but we do not that recommended you.

Redesigned for Insta Novels

New York Public Library tries to redesigned all book they have for Instagram Stories in order to reach the book lovers.

Insta Novels update is available for limited country for now, but in the future we are going to see at the every area of the world.

Insta Novels starting with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Over the next couple of months, it will release the digital versions of The Yellow Wallpaper, a short story by Charlotte Perkins, and The Metamorphosis, a Franz Kafka novella.

You don’t have to worry about missing any of them either: they will be collected as Highlights, which will serve as the account’s bookshelf of sorts, so you can find them anytime you want or read them again at a later date.

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