If a screenshot of Instagram posts is taken, will the user receive a notification? 2019

Recently it became known that Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, has another interesting feature. If you take screenshot of Instagram posts, will the User receive a notification? This is one of the most interesting questions even in 2019.

The function of sending notifications has analogues in other different applications and social networks. This feature provides transparency for users on Instagram. However, this innovation applies only to self-deleting photos in Instagram. Only in this case if you take a screenshot of self-deleting photos in Instagram, the user receives a notification about it.

Instagram sends notifications only to certain users

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In the event if you take a screenshot of a self-deleting photo on Instagram, the profile owner will receive a notification about it. Although some users say that they do not receive such notifications. In the notification that the user receives, the name of the user who made the screenshot and the text of the message is specified.  The fact that only some users receive this notification can have two reasons:

  • Notification delayed due to technical reasons.
  • A screenshot of a normal photo (not a self-deleting photo) is taken.

What is the reaction of Instagram users?

The new function of sending a notification was highly appreciated. İt liked by many users in terms of transparency of activities and the use of personal information.

However, at the same time, most users noted that this significantly limits freedom on the Internet and destroys the principle of anonymity.

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instagram screenshot

Notifications screenshot photo is still available in Instagram?

The Instagram photo screenshot notification feature is only available for self-deleting photos. If you take screenshots of stories and regular posts, Instagram does not send notifications. The feature is still available for users who can disable it in their profile settings. The notification function only applies to a certain type of photo. While there is no information whether this option to send notifications will available for all types of photos and video images Instagram.

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