I Can’t Make Live Broadcast On Facebook

Facebook is known as the biggest social network around the world. There are millions of Facebook users today. Most of the users log into their account and spend much time everyday. They share the things that they like, share photos of videos of theirselves as well as see other people’s posts. One of the reasons that Facebook has become so popular is that the interactivity between the users. They can make comments or like each other’s posts. Because of that, some of the users share posts to get likes. People who run business have also started to use Facebook. They create pages of their business and share posts about their services or products. They try to reach more people by doing so. Some of them try different ways to get more people to their pages. For example, they buy Facebook fan page likes. In this way, more users see their posts and they increase their sales.

Why Can’t I Make Live Broadcast On Facebook?

Just as likes are very popular on Facebook, live broadcast is also very popular. Many users make live broadcasts and reach their voices to people. However, sometimes they face problems. Now we will explain the reasons of those problems and give you solutions.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you can’t open a live broadcast, your internet connection may be too low. Downloading and uploading videos needs a strong internet connection. If your connection is low, find a place where you can get stronger connection and retry to make live broadcast.

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Check Other Apps And Softwares

Some apps and softwares may block videos. Especially spywares, adblockers, antivirus softwares may block videos. If there are such apps which are installed on your device, you should stop or uninstall them. Then, retry to make live broadcast.

I Can’t Make Live Broadcast On Facebook
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