I Can’t Get Verification Code Via E-Mail From Facebook

Facebook is known as the first social network. Since it was established, it has got its popularity in time and today it is one of the biggest social networks. Facebook app is also one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and App Store. The reason why Facebook and other social networks have been so popular is that people like to use social media, share their moments in their life with their friends, follow their friends, know what they are up to. Facebook is a way of communicating with people. When we don’t have time to meet or call, we can follow our friends on Facebook, make comments on their posts so that we communicate with them. Videos are also very popular on Facebook. Many people share videos that they like or their own videos. Some people who want their videos to be popular even buy video views for their Facebook videos.

Why Can’t I Get Verification Code Via E-Mail From Facebook?

Although it is all good to share photos, videos with friends, follow their updates on Facebook, sometimes there may occur problems. One of them is about getting verification codes. When signing up a new account or resetting password, Facebook sends verification code to the specified e-mail address. But in some cases, those verification codes aren’t received. We will explain the possible reasons of this problem below:

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Check Your Spam Folder

You may have received the e-mail but it might be in spam folder as some e-mail providers put those kinds of e-mails in spam folder automatically. So you should control your spam folder first.

Check If You Wrote Your E-Mail Correctly

It is also very common that people may not write their e-mail address correctly. In this case, you can’t receive the verification code. So you should write your e-mail address again if it is incorrect.

I Can’t Get Verification Code Via E-Mail From Facebook
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