I Can’t Create Account On Facebook With My E-Mail Address

Social media is so popular today. There are many social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. There are millions of people around the world. Most of the users check log into their account everyday. There are also many social media addicts. They check their account several times a day. They look at their phone as soon as a notification is received. People can know about what are happening in their friends’ lives. They can check them and make comments. Facebook has been a great way of communication among people. They can share their photos and videos on Facebook and they can get instant feedbacks from their friends. There are many people who have become popular thanks to Facebook. So, some Facebook try different ways in order to be popular on Facebook, they buy Facebook video views to their Facebook videos.

Why Can’t I Create An Account with My E-Mail Address on Facebook?

Apart from those activities, Facebook users face some problems as well. One of the common problems occurs when they try to create a new Facebook account with their e-mail address. Now we will explain the possible reasons of this problem.

Your Friend Has An Account With Your E-Mail Address

The reason may be that your e-mail address is in use with another Facebook account. You may have given your e-mail address to your friend or relative nad he may have created an account on Facebook with your e-mail address. In this case, you need to write a different e-mail address.

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The E-mail Address May Be Wrong

The e-mail address you wrote may be wrong. There may not be such an e-mail address in use or you may have not written it according to the structure. Don’t forget to write @ symbol and check the e-mail address you wrote.

I Can’t Create Account On Facebook With My E-Mail Address
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