I Can’t Access To My Facebook E-Mail Address

Social media has gained much popularity in recent years. At First, Facebook was established. Although it wasn’t popular in its first times, it has been so popular in time. People liked to be a part of Facebook. They liked to share their moments in their life with other people and also they liked to follow other people’s photos and posts. Today, Facebook is so popular with its millions of users. There are millions of photos and posts which are shared on Facebook everyday. One of the important reasons that led to the popularity of Facebook is that the interactivity between the users. When the users share something on Facebook, they can get instant feedback from other users. They may like their post as well as they can make comments. If their posts get many likes, they will be popular on Facebook. That is why some users buy Facebook likes to their posts.

Why Can’t I Access To My Facebook E-Mail Address?

Just as users are searching ways to get more likes to their posts, they also search many topics about Facebook. One of them is about Facebook e-mail address. As it is known well, users need to write their e-mail address which they wrote it when they signed up Facebook and their password.

Facebook E-Mail Address Is Important

This e-mail address is important as all the important news, updates, notifications and verification codes are sent to this e-mail address. If you can’t access to this e-mail address you can’t get any of these. So you need to try other ways in order to reset your Facebook password.

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Try Alternative Ways

Enter Facebook on a pc that you logged in before. Click forgot my password button. You will see the options that you can get the verification code. Here you can choose one of the options except e-mail and follow the steps.

I Can’t Access To My Facebook E-Mail Address
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